• Fresh Chicken Liver And Gizzard

The gizzard is actually one of the most nutritious parts of chicken, despite the prominence of other poultry meat selections. It is high in protein. So high, in fact, that one cup of gizzard meat can satisfy up to 88% of your daily recommended value of protein .Gizzard meat is also low in fat, and high in vitamins. Chicken livers are high in protein and a rich store of folate, which is important for fertility and helps prevent certain birth defects. Chicken liver is one of the richest sources of iron.  A 100g slice of pan-fried chicken liver contains 13mg iron, or approximately 72 percent daily value. Raw chicken liver contains 9mg iron or 50 percent daily value per 100g.

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Fresh Chicken Liver And Gizzard

  • Brand: Homeshop
  • Contents: 250g
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